Multi-select option set for Dynamics 365

The most awaited and appreciated features of Dynamics 365 is finally here; drumroll Introduction of multi-select option sets.I remember searching for a solution back in 2011 with CRM ...

In dynamics-365, Aug 19, 2017

Let’s explore Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 or CRM

So by now you might have already heard or read about the new Unified Interface that Microsoft is working on for its Dynamics 365 or as I like to call it Dynamics CRM platform and it w...

In dynamics-365, unified-interface, Aug 15, 2017


Manage multiple Office 365 domain logins like a pro!

If you are an administrator handling multiple Office 365 domains then I am sure you would have come across the problem of not being able to easily switch between domains and perform b...

In dynamics-365, Dec 06, 2018


Love it, Hate it, Dynamics 365 Unified Interface is here to stay!

As the title suggests, you either love what Microsoft is doing with its new Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 or you absolutely hate it, but you cannot ignore it, not if you have rec...

In dynamics-365, unified-interface, Apr 08, 2019